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The Mission

"Taino Studios, founded in 2019 is an independent socially conscious book store & creative studio that specializes in books written by POC authors & rare books.  

Psychological and afro-centric art works are done by in house artist Justin Williams, also known as Taino, whom paradigmatically does photography which focuses on capturing breakthrough moments in black & white. 


Books, art, and photography all come together as a whole to make Taino Studios. 

The mission is to provide the Dover community with access to a variety of culturally inclusive educational resources and intellectual material in the pursuit of hurdling over the non profit industrial complex. 


Proceeds from book and art sales are donated to organizations & social justice projects which aim to reduce mass incarceration in Dover by 10% by 2025"


A recent feature on Fox 29 News. Big thanks to Sergio for driving all the way to Delaware to bring this segment to life

2021 Works

Figurative works by in house artist Taino A.K.A Justin Williams from upcoming show Puerum Nigrum Run Curro.

Inspiration more often than not comes from the books I read and current events that shapes the ways I interface with forces outside of nature.

Figuratively & litterally, humans have been a source of becoming. Beautiful yet rough interactions awoke my artistic flame. Where my artistic skill was nurtured in childhood. 

Capitalism moves me to express my inner self, and in doing so I find myself in communication with my soul, a relationship which extends and connects to those who see my art.