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Art by Taino

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Artist Justin Williams explores the complex relationship between capitalism and the human soul through his powerful expressionist works. Utilizing a range of mediums, including graphite, charcoal, and fine art, Williams creates striking images that delve into the darker aspects of capitalist society.


Through his graphite pieces, such as "The fights within" and "The Dance Between Pain & Pleasure," Williams exposes the commodification of the human spirit and the class divide perpetuated by capitalist systems. His charcoal works, like "The Finish Line" and "Love isn't just a feeling," highlight the drudgery of capitalist labor and the hollowness of its ideals.


In his fine art pieces, like "The Espirit de Joi" and "Hasta la Muerte," Williams delves deeper into the spiritual impact of capitalist development on humanity and the natural world. These works evoke a sense of contemplation and introspection, inviting the viewer to consider the personal and societal consequences of capitalist systems.


Overall, Williams' portfolio offers a thought-provoking and powerful exploration of the human condition in the face of capitalism. His works challenge viewers to question their assumptions and consider the true cost of progress.