When asked why I draw nude women in sometimes provocative poses, most Americans will default me as a pervy artist, and offer a few pretentious words about the over-sexualization of the female body. The human figure is so much more than a political topic to me, its is because my body has been a vessel of communicating subtleties of mood, calamity, vagueness, hopelessness, and an illogical heart.


This is not by accident. More than half of human communication is done through a language which does not have sound, and can only been seen with the human eye. 


Language says a lot about a culture. 


Communication is needed to live out the interpretations and representations of the physical world that surrounds us. Body is my language, and what I use to visualize abstract concepts such as love, harmony, oppression, disease, and lonliness

Love with no strings attached is a visual description of the physical form that bleeds into an assessment of the fidelity of the contemporary caricature of "romanticism." The " strong black women" of the twenty first century has become a stereotypical representation in photographs & visual arts. Which deceptually influence a false perception of the individuality required for love required in a healthy relationship with ones self or others.

Stereotyping the negro has been evident throughout the history of the arts. Interestingly, the Harlem Renessance of the 1920's aimed to dismantle fake depicticion of characteristics that tended to focus on a select group of African Americans.

In the "Negro Act: Past and present" published in 1956 Brathwiate bemoans the nineteenth century representation:

" The old faithful uncle- later uncle to, uncle ned, & uncle Remus, the broad expensue "mammy" from Aunt Chloe to tent Temina, the jiggling plantation hand in jeans, & the sprawling pickanies all became the stereotypes, & searely any 19th century art show was without its genre portait study of one or more of these types or into realistically painted figurative or sketched portayal of "the plantation quaters" or "ole Margenia Life" or some such glorification of the slave system.