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Creative Studio

What's the deal?

Hello ! I'm Justin- In house artist at Taino Studios. I am an eclectic and driven multi-disciplinary studio artist, I want to use my talents and work ethic to make my contribution in the best way possible towards a more equitable and effective society. I am looking to work with the best brands in wellness, education and social justice in portfolio expansion for UX/UI design, photography, product design, & graphic design. 



I take black & white pictures of weddings, street fashion, and fine art. Currently, I aim to expand upon my portfolio. If interested reach out to me for collaboration.

Fine Art

Reimagining the connection between space and psyche.

UX & UI Design

I am a self taught UX/UI designer. I love to learn ad read about how to make navigating businesses and non profits can be made more simple.

Graphic Design

Above are some  samples of marketing campaigns and a study for a product I created- a portable drafting table.

Motion Graphic Design

The following is a sample for a motion graphic apart of a body of work designed for a motion graphics exhibition.

Work with me today!

Creative Studio Services
Brand Identity. Brand Illustration. Brand Execution
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